Jumbo Bag Application

Cement Bag

Today building construction sector is increasing more and more. Many open lands have been developed with huge buildings. Cement is the main ingredient in building construction. Large volume of cement is transported by the jumbo cement bags from one place to another in easy way. Here the FIBC Bag are use with loops which help to carry the bag easily and transport the bulk quantity of cement dry and flow able format.

Fertilizer Storage Bag

Jumbo bag is widely used in agriculture sector for storing the fertilizers, seeds in bulk quantity and also transportable from one place to another. The jumbo bag is moisture resistance which keeps the fertilizer in flow able nature. By the help of jumbo bag seeds and animal feeds are also transported and stored easily.

Sand Storage Bag

Now days building construction sector is growing fast, here jumbo bag is require for storage of sand in bulk quantity. Larger volume of sand is stored and transported easily with help of loops and fork lift. This sand is kept in flow able nature so it can use any time for the use of construction. Jumbo bag is also use to store wood storage bag which keeps the material dry by the help of sprout which keeps the air ventilation.

  • cement bag
    Cement Bag
  • fertilizer bag
    Fertilizer Bag
  • sand bag
    Sand Bag