Types of Woven Fabric For Packaging

Polypropylene fabrics is also well known as thermoplastics polymer is use as application in various industries like chemical, cement, food and textile industries. We manufacture PP/HDPE Fabrics use as various applications for packaging.

PP Woven Fabric

PP Woven Fabric is well known packaging fabric for fertilizers, cement, textile industries. We manufacture PP woven fabric as per your requirements with coated and un coated and printing. Our woven fabric is strong and durable in nature. Food grains are store and transported by PP woven fabrics.

HDPE Woven Fabrics

HDPE Woven Fabrics commonly use for wrapping food grade materials and industrial products. This HDPE Woven Fabric is strong and UV stabilize which protect products from direct sunlight and other external factors. It also known as Tarpaulin Fabric use to cover trucks, tempos railway wagons who carry goods. We manufacture HDPE Woven Fabric in roll forms which is strong and highly durable in nature.

PP Laminated Fabrics

PP Laminated Fabrics use for wrapping of wires and tyres. This fabric easily pass through hole. Our manufactured PP laminated fabric comes in customizable format as per clients needs.

HDPE Laminated Fabrics

HDPE laminated fabrics manufactured by 100% virgin raw materials use in various industries for wrapping, storing materials. it comes in water resistance format which helps to keep your product dry. We manufacture HDPE laminated fabrics in roll form available to export.

Laminated Flat Fabrics

Our manufactured laminated flat fabrics are commonly use to covering sofa and other constructions applications. It is water resistance which avoid water contacts to keep your material dry enough.

Leno Fabrics

Leno fabrics comes in thread format use for packaging of onions, potatoes and vegetables. Our manufactured leno fabric is highly durable which keeps air ventilation to keep your product dry and fresh enough.

We Brain Chamber Polysacks is manufacturers and exporters of woven fabric in different formats as per your packaging application and exported worldwide.

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