Ventilated Bulk Bags for Agriculture products

FIBC/Jumbo Bag is use in multiple sectors worldwide like food, agriculture, chemical etc. Here bulk bags changes as per product/application packaging. So different big bags has been developed as per product packaging requirements in industries.

Jumbo Bag use for packaging of agriculture products like vegetables or fire wood is well known as ventilated FIBC. Ventilated bulk bags are unique and specifically use for relevant product in agriculture sectors.

Ventilated FIBC

Basically ventilated FIBC is use for packaging of products like onion, potatoes, fresh vegetables and fire wood. Bag is constructed as standard FIBC with loops. It takes same general constructions types as spout top/bottom, duffle top/bottom, closure options and color option. Most difference between bag is that ventilated big bag has thin strips on four side of bag which keeps air ventilation inside the bag. Benefit of ventilated bag is it allow air ventilation by which product remain fresh and moisture free.

Here instead of standard polypropylene weave fabric thin strips single strands fabric is use running horizontally allow free air ventilation. So ventilated FIBC has greater demand for packaging of vegetables, onions, potatoes in bulk quantity.

Use of Ventilated FIBC

Here ventilated FIBC use for application particularly which keeps product dry by exposing to air by breathable strips of bags.

For Dry Storage

For maximum life of product it should be remain moisture free. For example fire wood when collected after chopping it has moisture containing it. So for long storage of firewood or its transportation it should remain dry. Ventilated bag is most important which keeps the chopped firewood dry by exposing them to air naturally so it remain for long time.

For Agriculture Product

Ventilated bag is demandable in agriculture sector for storage and transportation of product. Here onions or potatoes is store and transported in ventilated bag safely because it gives natural air ventilation which keeps these product dry for long period without dark smell. Ventilated bags are perfect for those application which require air flow to maintain their freshness.

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